Why Join?

We are a group of UK based companies supplying bridal and groomswear to retailers in the UK and Ireland. Established in March 2013 our aim is to represent and promote the interests of our members. A strong industry needs a strong trade association. The ability to mount campaigns and to undertake industry wide projects brings massive benefits that cannot be achieved by individual companies ploughing their own furrow.

Who is eligible to join?

BBSA Membership is now open to companies who supply bridal and groomswear to bridal retailers in the UK (wholesale) AND  Bridal retailers.


As a BBSA Retail member you can benefit from -

  • Exclusive inclusion in the  ‘Bridal Sale Week’ to be held in July and November. This is a fantastic way for Retailers to sell off their samples and discontinued stock to generate extra cash-flow for the next buying season and make way for their new season's stock. These events will be advertised nationally.  
  • Continued support by BBSA ‘Brides Beware’ at Retail & Trade shows raising awareness against counterfeiting. (See our Facebook page or email bridesbeware@bridalsuppliers.co.uk for more info)
  • Working with UKFT to supply parliament with information showing that large search engines such as Google, Alibaba and Ebay, amongst many others, are breaking the law by allowing their clients to use other people's photography to sell sub-standard products.
  • The aim overall is to avoid worry and share problems. We are here for you to talk to us, and to give you a voice. Don't feel alone, you are part of a huge industry.

Criteria to be a Retail Member:

  • Evidence of trading for minimum 2 years.
  • Paid Business Rates for minimum 2 years.
  • Already buying from any BBSA Supplier Members
  • Annual membership: £50 + VAT - includes one free entry to  The BBSA Party.


As a BBSA Supplier member you can benefit from -

Information exchange

Helping to bring the supplier and retail industries under one umbrella.

Financial Account Management 

Helping suppliers and retailers achieve cohesive communication.

Code of Conduct

The internet has made global wholesaling and retailing open to businesses that can be located anywhere, can be any size and, most seriously, here today and gone tomorrow (or more likely another business tomorrow). The customer must have confidence their supplier is able to provide a quality product for an unmovable deadline. Belonging to the BBSA and adhering to its professional code of conduct will give your customers enormous reassurance.

Helping small businesses punch above their weight

Large companies have full time members of staff to lobby government, run positive press campaigns and maintain professional standards. In a niche sector like the bridal industry a small company can achieve these large company activities. Through our membership of the UKFT we have successfully lobbied for an Early Day Motion on the subject of counterfeit dresses.

Your Committee

The eleven strong committee has an ideal balance of men and women of varying ages and includes designers, manufacturers, and accessory and groomswear companies. Their expertise and desire to get things done is already making a difference.

Deals and Discounts

BBSA members are eligible for exclusive discounts on trade show stands both in the UK and Europe. There are also affinity deals on products and services to help members reduce overheads and costs.

PR Campaigns

The BBSA has the support of both retail and trade publications to inform brides about the potential pitfalls of buying from overseas websites and those masquerading as UK based companies.

The modern bridal world

Chinese factories are increasingly lifting images from designers’ websites. This infringes copyright, constitutes ‘passing off’ and defrauds brides as well as jeopardising their wedding day. The BBSA can advise members on taking legal action against the counterfeit websites, the internet service providers and the international delivery companies.