Retailers - Apply to join

As a BBSA Retail member you can benefit from -

  • Exclusive inclusion in the  ‘Bridal Sale Week’ events to be held twice yearly in July and November. This is a fantastic way for Retailers to sell off their samples and discontinued stock to generate extra cash-flow for the next buying season and make way for their new season's stock. These events will be advertised nationally.  
  • Continued support by BBSA ‘Brides Beware’ at Retail & Trade shows raising awareness against counterfeiting. (See our Facebook page or email for more info)
  • Working with UKFT to supply parliament with information showing that large search engines such as Google, Alibaba and Ebay, amongst many others, are breaking the law by allowing their clients to use other people's photography to sell sub-standard products.
  • The aim overall is to avoid worry and share problems. We are here for you to talk to us, and to give you a voice. Don't feel alone, you are part of a huge industry.

Criteria to be a Retail Member:

  • Evidence of trading for minimum 2 years.
  • Paid Business Rates for minimum 2 years.
  • Already buying from any BBSA Supplier Members
  • Annual membership: £50 + VAT - includes priority entry to  The BBSA Party
  • Download our Flyer to see who is involved

Download Application Form (online application form coming soon!).