Why You Should Cater for Curvy Brides

July 31 2018

The average woman in the UK is a size 16, so if you are not catering to them you are losing out on a huge part of the market.

It is said that in the past, plus size brides have been perceived as a niche demographic, whereas in reality, the average woman in the UK is a size 16. Until recently, the needs of fuller figure brides were poorly catered for. Thankfully in 2018, there is plenty of choices. Bridal boutiques, brands and designers only catering to smaller brides are missing out on an enormous chunk of the market.

“All brides want the same thing; to look and feel amazing. Curvy girls are no exception to that rule,” explains Lydia Sayles, creative manager at True Bride. “Women with fuller figures want the same trends and looks as those who wear a smaller size. Having said that, we find curvier brides like to wear a sleeve or have some arm coverage, maybe showing slightly more bust and slightly less back. Just because a bride has been labelled as ‘plus-sized’ doesn’t mean she wants to look anything other than incredible on her wedding day.”

Lydia was asked what are the differences in dresses for a fuller figure bride? “A curvy bride might still want to wear a super sexy, skin-tight fishtail rather than hide her figure,” explains Lydia. “Our True Curves range aims to offer girls the same options as our main collection, with technical adjustments to give our curves range an edge. We developed our Curves fabrics to flatter and support a curvier shape, with extra boning to our corsetry and an internal construction to support a fuller bust.”

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