The Royal Wedding Traditions Prince Harry Will Follow

November 30 2017

With the announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement the Deccan Chronicle have identified a few royal wedding protocols followed by Harry's Brother, Father and Grandfather on their big days.

Grooms Outfit: The Prince will need to wear his military uniform on his wedding day, in a tradition that dates back to Prince Albert.

Seating Arrangements: The royals can avoid the politics and pitfalls or planning seating arrangements, the Royal family always sit on the right side of the church.

Wedding Cake: Those lucky royals get to have two cakes instead of one. Only time will tell if Harry opts for a traditional fruit cake or follow his brothers lead and opt for a giant chocolate fudge cake instead.

Wedding Rings: Its customary among Royals to not wear a wedding ring, but this is something that both Prince Philip and Prince William have done, or he may follow in Prince Charles' footsteps and choose to wear a wedding ring- Charles wore his from his marriage to Princess Diana until 2005. 

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