Should We Let Wedding Traditions Die Out?

August 30 2018

It’s not a shock to admit that weddings are changing with the times, just look at the way Meghan Markle and Prince Harry updated this year's Royal Wedding, filling it with African-American cultural traditions.

The wide majority of us don't have a Royal-sized budget, but as the average cost of a wedding is on the rise, couples are understandably prioritising which traditions they want to keep, and which they're happy to leave in the past.

According to a new study by jewellers F. Hinds, just 31% of people believe that wedding traditions are still important.

The traditions said to be the least important by the survey's respondents were wedding favours (considered important by 9% of people), the bride's family paying the bill (10%), and the groom carrying the bride over the threshold (16%).

Only 19% of respondents said they felt hen and stag dos are important – not too surprising, perhaps, given how expensive these events have become to attend.

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