Introducing an Exciting New Project at Bridal Buyer…

April 30 2018

Bridal Buyer is very happy to announce that they are about to launch a series of podcasts which will be starting on the 1st of May!

The team at Bridal Buyer are going to be launching a podcast where they will be talking about all things bridal. It is very important to them that they talk about topics that the listeners will be interested in so they would love for you to let them know if there is anything you would like them to cover.

Do you have any pressing questions or favourite bridal topics? Think retail, business and fashion advice, news and general industry information. Is there anything they have not touched on that you’d like them to? Or, is there a topic you’ve seen them previously cover, that you’d like them to expand on? Can you think of an industry professional, particular designer, or bridal shop owner that you’d like them to invite in and have a chat with? If so get in touch and all your requests could be answered.

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