Bride Calls off Wedding and Slams Friends for Refusing to Pay to Attend

August 30 2018

A wedding is meant to be one of the happiest days of your life.

When one bride realised her wedding was not going to live up to expectations, she decided to call it off. The explanation as to why is incredible. Susan was all set to marry her long-term boyfriend in a wedding that was to be so big that even the Kardashians would be envious.

In true millenial style, she announced that her wedding was going to be cancelled on Facebook.  As the post went viral we managed to get a copy of it. Here to look at today.  

Susan starts her post by apologising for cancelling her wedding at such a short notice and says that she and her partner had broken up due to “recent and irreparable” problems. Nothing unusual so far.

The post goes on to give some background on the couples relationship, and that they had saved up $15,000 to pay for wedding, however the couple wanted to have a part of a lifetime and needed about $60,000 to pay for it, so they turned to guests, friends and family and asked them for $1500 each to attend the wedding!

Unsuprisingly when the RSVPs went out, only 8 people responded, and soon even more people backed out, including the maid of honour which went down like a lead balloon for this bridezilla- Click the link below to read the full story and see a link to the original X-rated post.

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