7 Tips to Make Your Window Display Look Amazing

November 30 2017

Bridal Buyer have been speaking with expert window dresser Lucy Banks (from Spire Vintage) who has been kind enough to share some amazing tips to improve your shop window:

  • Make it colour coordinated: Choose a colour palette and stick to it as closely as possible.
  • Pick a theme: try and choose themes around upcoming events or the season, but remember to update it in a timely manner (nobody wants to see a Christmas tree in the spring or summer flowers in the autumn!)
  • Make it your showcase: Its easy to get carried away with decorations- don't forget to showcase some of your best looking gowns (dont forget to make sure you order a few extra during purchasing season so you have some samples to use in the window without having to take them off your rails)
  • Mix it up: aim to change your display about once a month to keep it looking fresh, even if you just rearrange whats already in place it makes a difference. Even passers by notice a great looking window and will likely talk about it- giving you free publicly.
  • Don't be scared to be quirky: feel free to do something that is quirky or funny so long as its tasteful
  • Think About Height: remember to dress the top portion of your window too!
  • Keep it Clean: remember to clear the window area and the glass before setting your display for maximum impact.

You can read more information from Lucy over at Bridal Buyer: https://bridalbuyer.com/home/seven-top-tips-for-an-amazing-window-display-6606

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