Humanist Weddings

June 29 2017

Although most weddings have their roots as traditional religious ceremonies there is now an option for people want a non religious ceremony- The Humanist Wedding. These ceremonies give couples the opportunity to get married where, when and however they want- these ceremonies follow no set script and allows couples complete control over every aspect the ceremony.

A few things to know about humanist weddings:

  • You don't need to be a humanist to have a humanist wedding
  • You get to choose your own words, location and celebrant (in place of a priest of vicar)
  • Humanist weddings are not legally recognised in law in England, Wales or Northern Ireland (so if you want to be official you'll need a quick registry office ceremony to sign the deal!)
  • They are legally recognised in Scotland
  • They can take place outdoors and at any location you choose

To find out more about humanist weddings head over to the metro website for the full story:

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