BBSA Party to Open Harrogate Bridal Show

July 28 2017

The Harrogate Bridal show party kicks off with the BBSA Industry party, Sunday 10th September at 8pm at The Crown Hotel. If you haven't...Read More

Breaking News: House of Wu Trying to Support Alfred Angelo Customers

July 18 2017

House of Wu has been able to confirm that there are 22,000 pieces of Alfred Angelo gowns complete in domestic and overseas warehouses,...Read More

The $600 Vegas Wedding- by Taco Bell?!

June 29 2017

Couples looking for a shotgun wedding in Las Vegas will have a new venue to choose from the 7th August this year- the Taco Bell Cantina...Read More

Humanist Weddings

June 29 2017

Although most weddings have their roots as traditional religious ceremonies there is now an option for people want a non religious...Read More

British Grooms are Going Blue

June 29 2017

Douglas & Grahame one of the UK's leading suppliers of mens suits to independent stores has reported a big spike in sales of lounge suits...Read More

British Couples to Spend £6.8 billion on Weddings this Year

June 29 2017

Short term lender Ferratum commissioned research and found that couples in England and Wales will be spending a whopping £6.8 billion on...Read More

Bridal Boutique Launches Interactive Wedding Planner

June 29 2017

Over the last year or so we have covered a number of stories of tech companies developing apps to assist with the wedding planning...Read More

Something Old, or Just Something New?

June 12 2017

Weddings are steeped in traditions, some of which are for 'good luck' while others stem from more misogynstic roots- originating from the...Read More

A Big Thumbs up for Pippa’s Dress

June 12 2017

The Bridal Buyer team spoke to several of Britain's top bridal designers to get some feedback on Pippa Middleton's wedding dress, all the...Read More

Ocean Media Issues Warning about Harrograte Bridal Show Scam Emails

June 12 2017

There are currently emails being circulated under ther pretence they they are from Ocean Media offering the details of attendees of the...Read More

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